Let them ask.


Build “home” wherever you are.

Live a culture of our own and share a space that's just for us.

Remix, Recycle + Reown

Providing another side to our stories and giving mixed people ownership of their identities.

Physically in a world of borders, mixed has no place to claim as their home and deriving from established groups, mixed attributes all its uniquenss to those who came before. These designs are to provide another side to our stories and give mixed people ownership of their own identities.

One of the aspects of Re-Mixed that Maris and I always value is that we advocate for actionable steps to progress. After putting on shows for our mixed audiences over the last year and seeing the repetition of a need to belong, I wanted to make this identity tangible both online and offline – leading to these designs and Re-Mixed forming into a lifestyle platform.

I hope that these designs can work to bring the beauty of our online events over the past year into our daily lives not only for our own comforts, but in hope that they will initiate conversations of multiculturalism and speak to a mixed future among our peers. As how our the conversation began in Re-Mixed of Jan. 16, 2021, we strive to build identifiers that start that conversation in our daily lives.

Please enjoy the quality, pattern, and presence of your multicultural designs.